Create multiple accounts of Clans of Clans

Clash of Clans is a high rated game in Android play store. Everybody at some point of time feel to have 2 or more accounts but they don’t know how to use multiple accounts on android phone. Since, Clash of Clans syncs the progress with Google Play, its quite easy to switch and maintain multiple accounts of the game. You don’t need to install Bluestacks anymore. The clash of clan tips will help you to switch between your accounts very easily.

5 easy steps to create multiple Clash of Clans accounts on one single phone:

Step 1: Create multiple Google Plus accounts that will be used to sync your game progress in Google play. Proceed to step 2 if you have the Google Plus login details with you.

Step 2: Take out your phone and go to the Google Plus application (It is pre-installed in your phone generally). Open Google Plus app and open the settings option. In the setting panel, you’ll find an option to Add account. Click on add account, select existing. Then, use the details of any of your Google plus account with which you want to play Clash of Clans game.

Step 3: If you are connected with Google plus, go to phone Settings > Apps > Clash of Clans. Click on Clash of Clans. You’ll find an option of “Clear Data”. Just click on it and clear data. (Warning: Do not uninstall.. There will be no data loss, but you’ll be required to install it again.)

Step 4: Now, go to Clash of Clans game. After it loads completely, you’ll see an option of connect with Google icon on the top left corner. Click on it to sync your village with your newly created Google Plus email.

Step 5: Now, the main step. If you want to switch between your villages, just go to Clash of Clans settings. Click on disconnect (Google Sign in). Again click on Connect (Google Sign in). Now, a prompt window will open up asking for the email to load a village. Select the one which you want to load now.

Just a one click tip to switch between multiple accounts of Clash of Clans game.

NOTE: Never delete any of your Google Plus accounts as the game is synced with that account itself.

Also, if you want to add more accounts, just follow the steps again to add more accounts.

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