Now is Scientifically proven: Women can shorten men’s life?!?!

03/12/2017 ecikawp  0 Comment argue, health, heart attack, lifespan, objection, stress, woman

While many men knew this, now it is scientifically confirmed that women may shorten the lifespan of their man. With the constant objections and “grumbling”, the risk of heart attack in men is three times higher.

They came to this conclusion after Danish researchers tested about 10,000 men from the age of 36 to 52 years. The mans which previously admitted that they are arguing with their partners, some of them at some time died of a heart attack.

Scientists have proved that with the fact that men are keeping the problems in their self and it this comes to a greater stress which at some point might come to disastrous health problems.

Moreover, men who have a problem with their partners have less sleep which also contributes to poor health.

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