written by Christy

Buddy It Up

Taking your kid shopping or anywhere else of that matter is something that should be made into an event in order to be enjoyable. If you want to take your kid with you, don’t forget to go to toy stores, play runway with both of you trying on clothes, have lunch together. The key to making it successful is preventing it from being monotonous: every now and then stop for a snack or similar, even for a cartoon movie. This will prolong your tot’s interest in staying at the mall longer.

Grab a Snack and Drink for Your Child

Before you leave home, don’t forget to fix your child a snack and a drink in a spill proof container. It is amazing how a little bit of their favorite food and drink can distract them long enough to allow you to get your errands done and make shopping more enjoyable. Packing your own snacks gives you the opportunity to give them healthy choices and you can avoid the food court that is full of junk food.

Sync the Moods of Your Children

A piece of friendly advice – don’t take your child shopping when either of your (or God forbid both of you!) is feeling distressed, unwilling, cranky. This will only ruin the whole experience, especially if it’s the first time you guys are going shopping together. If you see your child is into staying at home, then let it be. There’s going to be plenty of time for you two to enjoy shopping experience. So, don’t push it and force it onto your child because this way you’ll just end up having your tot hate the experience of shopping together! Also, if you are feeling it just isn’t your day, it’s fine. Leave it for some other time. Also, avoid going shopping when it is your child’s nap time too. When your child is in need of a nap, they are more than likely going to be cranky.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Play

If you see your kid getting nervous it means it’s time for a break. So, if you have already eaten lunch why not stop for a snack or even ice cream. What’s next? You can always keep your child’s interest by giving him/her that promotional product you’ve gotten on your way into the mall or carry a special object in the diaper bag that they can play with. Kids are curios and like new things. It may be a great distraction. Other options involve stopping at the playroom for instance. If your mall doesn’t feature one, then go to the bookstore and spend some time in fairytales section or at stuffed animals section. If that doesn’t seem like an interesting idea to your kid, go to a kid’s boutique and see if there are some interesting pieces of clothing your child might want to try on or somewhere fun for your child so that they can look around for things that might interest them too. Plus, there sure will be other kids so it may get interesting for your adorable tot.