Useful Tips to Remember When Shopping for Jeans


When shopping for jeans, we all have one ultimate goal and that is to find the perfect pair. What’s the perfect pair of jeans, anyway, you may ask? Well, first, it should fit you like a glove. It shouldn’t be too tight that it leaves you with a muffin top and it shouldn’t be too loose either that it would have you looking like you borrowed someone else’s pants. It should be the right length and it should be the right style (according to your preferences, of course). So, how do you find this ‘perfect pair’? Here are some useful tips to remember when shopping for jeans.

  • BUY IN YOUR EXACT SIZE– this may seem obvious but many don’t do it. Instead, they buy a size up thinking it would be wise to leave some room for them to move and grow. However, jeans usually get stretched out after a few wears so that pair in your size that seems a little snug in the dressing room is going to fit perfect after you wash and wear it a few times.
  • STOCK UP– found a style from a certain brand that you think looks and fits really well? If you have the budget for it, you might as well stock up. Get two or more in different washes (or the exact same ones if you don’t mind doubles in your closet). You’ll never know when you’ll come across another pair that will be as perfect as that pair so grab the opportunity.
  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT BRANDS– having a go-to brand for jeans is important but don’t stop exploring and trying out pairs from other brands as well. If you ever hear of or see a new store in town, go inside and try on a few pairs. You might find a better fitting pair from that new store or you might find one that fits just as well as those that you get from your go-to brand but at a lower price.
  • DON’T STRESS ABOUT LONG PANTS– some jeans will fit perfectly but you’ll find that the length is a little off – usually longer than your legs. Still, get that pair if you like it. You can always get it hemmed or you can roll it up to give it a unique street style vibe.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY– buying jeans online is risky business. Unless it’s a brand you always buy from and you know their sizing pretty well, it’s always better to but your jeans in person from the store so you can try them out first. Buying from the store also allows you to have any needed alterations done before you take your pair home.