Sometimes, unhealthy lifestyles, genetic and environmental factors result in accumulation of extra pounds. This is a justification why weight loss key for most people. It is a topic which has been addressed widely to help people adapt healthy lifestyles and loose excess fat. Bodies need fat control to enhance metabolic functions and promote health. Every person wants to be slim and look fabulous.

This article explores healthy, practical and recommended weight loss techniques. There are several supplements designed to help burn excess fat in the body. However, natural remedies enhance a sustainable weight loss.

How to Shed Excess Weight Fast in 7 days?

The following 7 weight loss tips will help in weight loss within a relatively short time:

1. Eliminate sugars and starches in your diet

It is advisable to reduce or completely eliminate them from your diet. Sugars and starches produce insulin which is the main fat storage hormone in the body. When insulin is reduced, body fat is hereby utilized for metabolism resulting in lesser fat in the body.

2. Eat proteins, fats and vegetables

This is a perfect weight loss technique.  Animal proteins such as beef, lamb, chicken fish and seafood should form the integral part of this diet. Plant proteins such as beans and peas are also essential. In addition, vegetables   including broccoli, kales and spinach provide the required fiber. Coconut oil and butter are the best sources fats.  This combination of proteins, fats and vegetables help in fat control. The body burns excess fats while retaining energy for body functions.

3. Adopt a strict vegetables and fruits juice diet

This facilitates rapid weight loss. Raw fruits and vegetables have nutrients and vitamins at their best. The juice cleanses and detoxifies the body leaving one lighter and energized. Fresh juice is available in   food stores but it is better to blend at home using a simple juicer.

4. Avoid fast and processed foods

Fast foods include French fries and pizzas have a lot of cholesterol which contributes to accumulation of fats in the body. If you want to be slim, replace fast foods with natural proteins and carbohydrates. Consuming whole grain bread instead of white bread gives the body the relevant energy and enhances fat combustion.

5. Eat foods that suppress appetite

Appetite suppressing foods include leafy vegetables, apples, grapefruit potatoes and spices. They reduce appetite and food intake levels. This leads to rapid weight loss

6. Water diet

Drinking at least eight glasses a day will detox the system and get rid of impurities which cause bloating and unnecessary weight gain. A cup of water before mealtime makes one full quickly. There is less intake of food hence the body utilizes stored fat.

7. Personal exercise plan

A practical exercise plan helps in burning excess calories and fats.

Rapid weight loss is good but on short term basis. If prolonged, it is dangerous. Loosing excess body fats is best done by doing lifestyle change and dieting. It is a gradual process which is healthy and sustainable.