What are some useful tips for new business owners?

I got funded to start up my agricultural research business. I’m still very new to the business scene. A leg up would be very useful, any tips help me survive would be greatly appreciated.

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6 Answers


Written 6 May 2016

Starting a new business is a risk for any entrepreneur. There are so many aspects of the business to consider from funding to staffing. However, many new businesses and start-up owners find that branching out on their own is often a risk that pays off. The road to success isn’t always smooth, but that’s where listening and learning from others who have previously tread the path can make a world of difference.

Here are few tips for new business owners

Shaping Your Vision

1.Have a business plan

  1. Keep your day job for as long as you can while you write the plan or launch a small version of your business at night and over the weekends.
  2. Think BIG – you have nothing to lose! In business we tend to think practically. I often hear “I just want to make enough money to get by.” Think bigger. Be audacious. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Trust and believe in your talent and business.
  3. Plan for capital – Think about how much capital you really need, when you really need it, and whether there are any alternative ways of obtaining these resources.

5.The biggest advice you wish to get before you started new business is to learn how to advertise the company.

The best way of promoting any business is through an explainer video.

As clients will spend around 46 seconds on visiting a web page, but if the web page has some web videos, then they will spend around 5 mins and 50 seconds to watch it.

Benefits of creating an explainer video

Video can express more speedily what you want to explain and works more quickly compared to wordings.

Today, advancement in the digital technology field has established a chance for the people to express their feelings and share their thoughts through video.

The business information or product is relatively explained in favor of the customers in the video that attracts attention.

The video clip length is directly proportional to the number of words that you want to make use for explaining your products and services to your audiences.

A corporate video has the crucial purpose of introducing a company or any business in a positive way with a video representation.

Along the product marketing the video promotes the brand even better.

The trendy and the best way for business promotion is Animated Explainer Video.

Solly Labs Animation Studio

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Joe Fiduccia, Business Owner, Family History Preservation Specialist, MS Office Certified

Written 4 Mar 2016

Do not expect overnight success. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, or how many of your friends say they will immediately purchase it when it becomes available. If you want your business to succeed, you need to prepare for the long haul. Several years would be a minimum to start seeing any kind of profit.

Not saying this to scare you. But the reality is people give up to quickly because they thought they’d become millionaires in a year. Doesn’t work that way. So just be prepared for it.

Best of luck!


Hafiz Rahman Sukarni, worked at Entrepreneurship

Written 9 Mar 2016

  • Take risks. Its your job
  • Seize opportunities. But observe
  • If you want to play safe, expect to grow slowly. If you want to go up fast, better have a good bet
  • If you want to be trusted, trust others first.
  • Have faith; it’ll motivate you
  • Expect the best, but be aware of the worse
  • Your best bet could be the one you’re not betting on
  • Nothing is perfect, but make it look perfect
  • Understand your market and know your competitors
  • Be unique, it’s the first thing that will make you stand above the crowd
  • Business has ups and downs. What goes up will come down, and what is down should go up.
  • Improvise and keep up with the trends
  • Approach the market where they don’t expect
  • Spy on your competitors; know what they do, do what they do but better
  • And many more…

One other thing, when someone asks you something you don’t know but still in the topic of your business, “I don’t know” is not an answer. All eyes are on you, so better have your brain think faster than your mouth can speak.

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Suren Konathala, studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Stanford Center for Professional Development (2017)

Written Feb 23, 2016

In my personal experience..

I’ve been there, done that, failed, got up, failed again, now getting up…

  1. Do you see any pattern above? Yes be prepared to fail, but do you best and give in everything. When you are funded, you will have more pressure to show results. No matter how much you plan for practically in real life there will be so many factors that do not be in our control and our business may fail. Don’t loose faith and keep fighting! This is easy than doing, but this is what differentiates between you and any other entrepreneur.
  2. Keep experimenting.. fail faster, so you know quickly what works and what does not.
  3. Take very good care of your employees, they will take care of your product and customers.
  4. Even very successful, don’t settle for a product/service.. keep innovating and improving it.
  5. Keep yourself always motivated with books, speeches, etc. This is very important.

Good luck!


Tina Roth, works at PROFinanceBlog

Written Jan 12

Very few start-up companies include reviewing insurance needs to their checklists. Some start-up companies feel there is no need to insure their business. Some look at insurance as an added burden. But in many cases it is a great way to manage or eliminate certain risks that come along when you start an enterprise. That why few Insurance tips that every business owner needs to follow. These 6 Insurance Tips that Every Business Owner Needs to Follow


Vicky Share, working on my own

Written Jan 14, 2016

– never be in doubt
– do not ever feel afraid to take risk or decision
– focus on costumers
– analyze the market
– learn about your competitors
– have a great team for your business
– be different or unique
– when something is going wrong, fix it on your own first do not make other people to do so that way you can handle and deal with upcoming problem
– do not let stress draining you

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