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Sailing in Deep Blue Sea with Mega Yacht

Sailing in itself is already a fun activity, how else it would be if you sail in the deep blue sea with a very expensive mega yacht? Of course, you will have the best experience travelling in the cool

Top 10 Attractions To Visit In Delhi, India

Delhi – National Capital of India Delhi spit up for administrative purposes into New Delhi and old Delhi.  Currently, the New Delhi is the country’s capital city. Both the new and old Delhi has

A Visit to Myanmar – My Travel Story

Despite the alleged visa on arrival program posted on Myanmar governmental websites, your best way for a visa to Myanmar (outside your home country) is the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand. The Myanmar Emb

Top 10 Things to Do at Miami Beach

Are you looking for a place of vacation? Come and enjoy the ambiance at Miami Beach, it is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. This is a place away from pollution, over

How to Spend your Holidays in Miami

Smiling sunshine and amazing skyscrapers are all over here – Miami! A perfect getaway for almost any reason: day off from work, family outing, friends’ get-together, team building, reunions, celebrati

What to do in Northern Arizona

For sheer variety, there aren’t too many places that can beat Northern Arizona for landscape and beauty. Things to do in Northern Arizona Sedona First off, select a home base–a place to re

Top 10 Attractions to visit in Mumbai, Maharashtra

One of the optimum and most favorable countries in the world is India. India is famous when it comes to stunning and good-looking citizens; it is also known for its rich contribution to the world espe